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May 9, 2016  by: Aaron Crowe

Westin Gets it Wrong on Vacation Days

Westin Gets it Wrong on Vacation Days


I’m a sucker for vacation photos. If a hotel chain puts up a social media post about great spots with a photo of a deserted beach, I’ll likely click on it. My life goal is to be on a perpetual vacation, and this is one way to do it.

Vacation photos and websites for hotels dot my social media accounts, and a sponsored post by Westin Hotels & Resorts in my Facebook feed last week caught my attention for its stupidity:

vacation“You Don’t Need More Vacation Days. You Need More Unforgettable Days.”

Or as Westin’s social media person wrote above a photo of a lush valley somewhere (Hawaii?):

“You don’t need more vacation days, you need better ones.”

The post has since been removed from Westin’s Facebook page, probably because commenters lambasted it for saying people need fewer days off from work.

Quality and quantity

As a freelance writer, I no longer get paid days off. But I also have the freedom to take time off whenever I want, and I’m taking a fair amount of time off this summer — all unpaid.

But I kind of get what Westin is saying: Vacation days should be full of unforgettable sights and activities, at exotic locations you’ll never forget. Its hotels are at these locations.

But the hotel chain is missing the main point of taking time off from work: To get away from the hassles of everyday life and relax. The longer it is, the better. Even if that means going somewhere quiet and doing nothing for a few weeks.

I’m all for quality time off if you can afford it. But either way, more vacation days is better no matter what you’re doing.

Only 25% take vacation they’re due

Most Americans don’t take the time off that they’re entitled to through their employers.

After one year of work service, the average full-time worker receives 8.1 days of paid vacation per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At 10 years they get 13.9 days, and at 25 years they get 15.7 days.

But most people don’t take all of the time they accrue, according to a Glassdoor survey. Only 25 percent take all of the time due to them, while the average trip for those who take it is only four days long.

Fifteen percent report taking no time off, and 61 percent admit to doing some work while on vacation.

With only one-quarter of full-time workers taking all of the days off that they’re due, that leaves a lot of people hopefully either having an awesome vacation in the four days that they do take, or wishing they could take more.

And do they want to spend it at a hotel chain that doesn’t think they should get more days off from work?

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