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June 3, 2016  by: Aaron Crowe

Why My Websites Are Taking Summer Off

Why My Websites Are Taking Summer Off

Summer is a great time to take a vacation. The weather is great and it’s difficult to get motivated to work when there are nice, sunny days outside to enjoy. Taking summer off — meaning the entire summer — isn’t an option for many people.

But taking summer off is something I’m doing with my websites this year. The reason is simple: Fewer readers and fewer advertisers.

I’ve owned this site and two other personal finance sites — and — for about a year and a half, and I’ve seen monthly drops during June and July in readership and advertisers.

For those reasons I’m not going to add any content to the sites during those months. I may add a post from time to time if something timely comes up, but for the most part I’m taking summer off as a writer/editor of my sites.

I expect readership will drop during the next two months, but hopefully it will get back up to normal and beyond in August when I return to regular posting.

Taking summer off, mostly

Personally, I’ll still be working this summer as a freelance writer and editor, working for clients that I’m grateful to have. But I’m still planning on taking some time off this summer by getting ahead on my workload each month.

My goal is to work two weeks each month from June through August, and spend the rest of the summer relaxing with my family. I definitely won’t be working during a vacation.

We already have two trips planned — one in June and the other in August — that are being paid for on the cheap. I’ll get into the details of those trips later in June with a blog post and will update with how they went and if they met our budget goals.

Until then, have a great summer and check back occasionally for updates on how our summer is going.

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