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February 11, 2015  by: Aaron Crowe

Travel Like a Local and Get $10 to Start

Travel Like a Local and Get $10 to Start


If you’re going to travel like a local, you’ve got to save for it. It can be an expensive pleasure, and even when it isn’t too expensive because you’ve found deals, it still costs money to travel like a local.

It’s too easy getting sucked into visiting the landmark highlights of a new city. The Eiffel Tower is a must-see, but a tour by a local of the best places to photograph in Paris at night is a sidetrip that’s a little more difficult to find.

Travel like a local

After you’ve gone through the travel guide and gotten tips from your friends who have been to your travel destination before, how do you find the best activities to do there? And at a reasonable cost? Enter, a website I discovered while researching an earlier post I was writing for CashSmarter.

Vayable offers unique tours from locals with inside information that you might not get anywhere else.

For example, for $14 you can meet a local in Amsterdam over a beer and hear their tips for places to visit. Or for $75 you can skip the line at the Louvre in Paris and get a one-hour tour of the highlights, then stay on your own to explore it more.

After hearing more about Vayable at Money Propeller, I had an ad created on Fiverr for my sites so that readers can get a free $10 credit from me:

It’s not much, but it should get you started on an adventure to travel like a local. In exchange for claiming your $10 Vayable credit through my link, I get $10 credit in return — a win-win.

I haven’t signed up to be a Vayable travel host — mainly because I live about 45 minutes outside San Francisco. But for people who do live in major cities around the globe — New York, London, Barcelona, Rome, and Honolulu, among others — Vayable can be a viable side hustle to earn some extra cash.

And that extra cash can be spent on travel!

Go ahead and create a Vayable account using my link, and we’ll each get $10 for a Vayable travel adventure.

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  1. I love Vayable! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to take any trips (yet!), but it’s such an amazing platform.

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