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January 26, 2016  by: Kayla

The 3 Main Benefits of using MetaTrader 5 over alternative Platforms

stock marketThe forex market is the most active and liquid financial entity in the world, generating daily trading volumes in excess of $5 trillion. This is a huge number, and one which adequately reflects the popularity of the market and its potential to deliver sizable returns. Such a diverse and bountiful marketplace also brings considerable challenges, however, especially in terms of executing real-time trades and minimising losses wherever possible.

Going Online: The Primary Benefits of Trading with the MetaTrader5

Modern forex traders (and similar investors) are therefore fortunate that they can access online brokerage firms and platforms to help them manage their portfolios. These include numerous real-time trading features, each of which is designed to provide instant access with the financial marketplace and deliver accurate insight that helps to inform your decision.

At present, the much-vaunted MetaTrader5 platform is considered the best and most capable piece of software on the market. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the core benefits that set this program apart from its rivals: –

  1. The MetaTrader5 has an easy to navigate Interface

When it comes to executing effective trades (particularly in a volatile market such as the foreign exchange), timing is arguably the single most important factor. The MetaTrader5 has been designed with this in mind, as it boasts and easier to navigate interface that has been designed to incorporate larger icons and more spaced in-between each individual button. This makes it easier than ever to access crucial charts and trends in real-time, which can make all the difference in a volatile marketplace.

  1. The MetaTrader5 offer access to a huge range of Analytical Tools

While the whole of the MetaTrader range is renowned for offering a diverse range of analytical tools, there are some platforms that deliver slightly more insight than others. With this in mind, the MetaTrader5 platform boasts the largest and most comprehensive suite of analytical tools, with more than 30 individual features that provide everything from historical data to current price points. Many of these tools also deliver advanced trend analysis, which helps you to refine your strategy while you continue to trade.

  1. The MetaTrader 5 has a more holistic and Natural Design

Not only does the MetaTrader offer more tools and features than its rivals, but these applications are also underpinned by a holistic and natural design. More specifically, the platform appears to have been designed from the perspective of a trader, especially when you consider the huge range of graphics (which breakdown complex data) and the presence of additional trading timeframes. The fact that is also compatible with the majority of market leading brokers seems to underline this point, as it suggests that the platform offers to best value to traders of all types from around the world.

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