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Best Math Apps for Kids

Best Math Apps for Kids

Math was never my strong point in school. I eventually learned some good personal finance habits, but my math skills didn’t progress much beyond algebra. If only I had a smartphone and some math apps back then.

My daughter, who is now in 6th grade, is much better at math than I was at her age. Her teachers have done an excellent job in the classroom, and every once in awhile we go to a math app for help with homework.

I’m often on the lookout for great math apps to help make her math homework easier, and if possible, a little fun. Below are some math apps I’ve checked into, though we haven’t used all of them.


This website has come recommended by my daughter’s teachers and is also used at her school.  I signed her up for a subscription this year ($11 per month) and I’m trying to get her to use the math app part of the site, which also offers lessons in English, social studies, science, health, engineering, and the arts.

The cartoon videos are fun and informative, featuring a guy and a robot. Some of the site’s content is free, such as this video on how to compare prices.

Zap Zap Math app

This math app teaches math through games, most aimed at K-6 grades. The app is free to download and doesn’t contain in-app purchases or ads.

While games can be great motivators, it’s up to you as a parent to decide if the games are really helping your child learn math. My guess is that most children will become bored by them eventually, since there is only so far you can go with them and the memorization of multiplication tables, for example, may eventually becoming boring. Continue reading

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