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09/21/17 Children #

Parents of Boys Put Greater Priority on College Than Parents of Girls

Parents of Boys Put Greater Priority on College Than Parents of Girls

Just because she’s a girl, I expect my daughter to have to face more problems in life than boys. A lower wage, less encouragement in math and science, and not arguing are some of the things she’ll have to fight through in life.

I have every confidence she’ll beat them all.

I can’t control many of those obstacles. But like many dads who only have daughters, I pick my spots and do what I can.

One thing that I can control is giving her some financial help to afford to go to college. It’s an area that I never expected bias on from parents who only have boys, but it’s one I’m questioning after seeing a recent survey by T. Rowe Price.

It found that the parents of boys are saving more for their kids’ college education than the parents of all girls.

As the father of a daughter, that’s not how it is in our house. Continue reading

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06/22/17 Work #

How to Choose a Finance-Related Course That’s Right for You

Do you want to learn more about finance by enrolling in a finance-related course? With so many courses available it can be difficult to choose a program that’s right for you. Some courses are better than others and different topics are covered by different courses, which can be confusing.

However, the tips below will ensure that you’re more likely to choose a finance-related course that meets your requirements.

Identify the Course You Want to Complete

First of all, you’ve got to ask yourself why you want to complete a certain course. Some people want to become accountants and complete a bachelors of accounting program. Others want to know more about investing while some students simply want to increase their knowledge of this area. Once you are clear about why you want to do a particular course, you can then look at the best options available.

Online vs. Offline Courses

Traditionally, students had to attend classes and lectures in person at a college or university. However, the internet is changing the way we learn and the way colleges and universities teach their students. A wide range of accredited online courses like the online bachelors of accounting program are now available, which means students are free to study from the comfort of their own homes and at times that suit them.

Studying in the traditional way has its benefits too because you get to meet your fellow students and lecturers in the flesh. Deciding whether to study online or to go to a college or university is a personal choice and you have to decide which option suits you the most.

Cost of the Course

The price of a finance-related course is a concern for most students. To get the best value for money, you need to shop around and find out what online and offline courses you can enroll in that will not break the bank. However, make sure the course you eventually choose is a high-quality course because many courses that are advertised as being cheaper are not always that good.


Most students who start a finance-related course want to obtain a qualification that will enhance their resume and increase their job prospects. This is why it’s essential to choose an accredited course that will be recognized by employers.

An accredited course has to reach certain standards, so you should make sure that this is the case with the course you’re interested in. You can do this by contacting the college or university that is providing the course or by reading reviews of these courses that have been submitted by previous students.

Duration and Time Required to Study

While you’re studying for a particular finance-related course, you have to put certain areas of your life on hold for a while. How long you put your life on hold in this way is a major concern for many people. To put your mind at rest, you should find out how long it will take to complete your course and how much of your time it will take up each week.

Choosing a finance course that’s right for you is not as difficult as you might think. If you’re unsure about what course to take, the tips above will make this process a lot more straightforward.

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06/18/15 Children # ,

What I Want to Give My Daughter for Father’s Day


I’m going to a baseball game with my family and some friends on Father’s Day, so my 10-year-old daughter is essentially off the hook for getting me a gift since I’ll be happy enough if she can sit through a game. She’s not a fan.

And while I’m not shelling out $50 to the Oakland A’s so I can play catch with her on the field after the game — a Father’s Day ripoff I’ve already written about — there’s some financial advice I want to give her on this day in June to remind her how important she is to me and some of my hopes for her.

College fund

My wife and I set up a college education fund within a month of her birth that we contribute to monthly.

When she does go to college, I hope she uses the money well, works summers to supplement it, and doesn’t have to take out student loans or work much while in college. Years of debt shouldn’t be the price of an education. Hopefully, we’ve helped make her financial life during and after college a bit easier.

A savings account

She also has a savings account where most of the money she receives for birthdays, Christmas and other events is kept. I hope she becomes a saver and always has an emergency fund and travel fund moving in the right directions.

A well-paying, fun job

I don’t know what career path she’ll eventually choose, but I hope it’s one she chooses because she’s great at it and enjoys it. I didn’t choose journalism for the high pay, but it’s a job I fully enjoy.

A college education is likely to help her more than anything to get there. And a job in the public sector may be even better, according to a study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. Continue reading

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