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December 5, 2014  by: Aaron Crowe

When a Splurge is Worthwhile

When a Splurge is Worthwhile

This goes against the grain of the goal of this website — to use your money wisely — but sometimes you’ve got to live it up a little and reward yourself. That’s what I did recently by splurging on some NHL tickets.

I was initially shocked when I spent $300 on two corner seats in the second row at a San Jose Sharks game. But after the thrilling game (look for me wearing a white Sioux hockey jersey with green lettering in the front row behind a red sign in this video) I was sure it was money well spent.

How is a $150 splurge for a hockey game ticket worthwhile? Because I was buying an experience, which psychology research has shown to bring people more happiness than possessions.

For the amount spent at the game, I could have bought a new iPad, which I’d get years of use out of. But sitting in the front row — which we moved up to from our second-row seats because they were empty — is an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

$300 splurge was well spent

splurge puckIt was nice to see, if only for one night, how the rich live and how fun it is to see the game up that close as players smashed into the boards right in front of us.

The game was originally going to be a date night with my wife, but she had to leave town at the last minute, so I gave the ticket to a buddy. Again, that was a splurge worth making: To give my friend a ticket to seats we’ve never had before and likely never will again.

Frugality did kick in a little bit. My friend bought dinner at a barbecue restaurant near the stadium, which was great and ensured we didn’t need to buy overpriced food at the game. I even got a puck that flew over the net during practice.

Splurge expenses can come in many forms, with vacations being some of the most common that bring more memories than an iPad will. In weighing how to best use your time and money, an occasional splurge is worthwhile. Saving for future splurges can also be worthwhile, provided your saving for other goals such as retirement and investing wisely so that your money makes more money for you.

As for future splurges, I’ll probably be enticed to buy one more set of tickets close to the ice when my wife returns and finds out how much fun she missed out on.

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One thought on “When a Splurge is Worthwhile

  1. Martha Crowe says:

    What great advice. I have never regretted the special events that I have spent money on–I still treasure the memories of them years and years later. Shopping trips and collections don’t even come up on the radar.

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