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May 15, 2017  by: Aaron Crowe

Smart Ways to Save On Your TV Bill Right Now


Catching up on your favorite TV shows or tuning in to that eagerly awaited news program should not be overly expensive. Here are some great ways to cut the costs of your TV bill.

Check your broadband supplier

Many people use internet catch up services to watch TV, and this can be very handy for watching shows that you have missed.

Not all broadband providers offer the same value for money, however. Some may offer a cheap deal for the first few months in order to lure you in and then charge you high rates for the remainder of the year. Others may include hidden charges in your contract (for instance a penalty fee if you break your contract early due to moving house).

Shop around and see which providers offer the best deals. Simultaneously, make sure not to compromise on quality. It can be so frustrating when your TV programs stall or cut out completely due to poor quality broadband. If you like to stream a lot of high definition TV shows and films, it is a good idea to pay a little bit extra to get superfast broadband.

Cut out superfluous channels

Are you paying for TV channels that you never watch? This happens all too often, as TV companies encourage you to buy “packages.” These packages may contain some channels that you do want to watch and others that you don’t.

Doing a cull of the channels that you are signed up for could save you a lot of money – why should you pay for something that you do not use?

Cancel automatic renewals

Perhaps you signed up to pay for a TV channel because it had a programme on that you wanted to watch. TV providers often renew your subscription automatically on a monthly or yearly basis, though. This means that you could carry on paying for that channel even though the program that you were watching on it has now finished.

One of the key things about automatic renewals is that they can creep up on you – because your subscription is renewed automatically, you do not really notice the money leaving your bank account.

TV providers rely on the majority of their customers not wanting to make the effort to physically log into their account or make a phone call and cancel their subscriptions. But, this effort is worth it when it comes to saving money on your TV bill. Review the list of channels that you are signed up to and disable or cancel any automatic renewals. You could save a lot of money this way.

See shows are available elsewhere

If you do not mind waiting a bit, you can watch plenty of films and international TV shows via on-demand services such as Netflix and iTunes.

If so, it is often cheaper to use these services to pick and choose individual shows to watch than to subscribe to an entire channel.

Be conscious of what you’re spending

These simple tricks could save you hundreds of pounds a year if you are an avid TV fan. It is all about being conscious of how much you are spending — something that automatic subscriptions and cheap deals for newcomers to a service can discourage.

Ask yourself now which subscriptions need to be cancelled, and which companies are going to raise the prices of their services? Shop around for great value broadband deals (Broadband Choices is a good place to start if you are looking for a combination of cost effectiveness and fast broadband).

Be savvy about websites (legal of course!) that let you watch TV shows and films at a cheaper price than you would pay if you subscribed to a whole channel. All of these tips can be applied right now, whether that involves calling to cancel a subscription to a channel you no longer watch or comparing broadband companies.

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