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February 11, 2016  by: Kayla

Improving your management team in 2016

conferenceSometimes in business, if times are tough the management team can be lacking in enthusiasm. Inevitably, there are always going to be highs and lows, but keeping management focused and fully engaged at all times should be a high priority for any business as they have the most influence on employees further down in the chain. Here are some ideas for keeping your leadership team motivated throughout 2016:

Bonus Incentives

It might sound a little crude but there’s nothing like a bonus incentive to get your staff feeling motivated again. If you offer your management team a sizeable sum for completing targets and making deadlines on time this will encourage them to be more efficient with their time at work. Although, it could be costly to the company, if it produces better results in the long term, the slight financial losses at first could soon become gains. Introducing a quarterly incentive to start with is always a great idea.


Any sort of relevant training that is beneficial to your company is worth the financial costs in the long run. Development can spark new ideas and any sort of positive innovation is a step in the right direction towards expansion for your company. A really beneficial course is the Global Knowledge ITIL course which focuses on IT management service provisions. An informed and proactive IT team are an amazing asset to any company. When technology isn’t working and employees can’t complete tasks your company is effectively losing money so having an effective IT team is key to success.

Team Building

An essential part of any business is a cohesive and stable management team. Sometimes a leadership team that appear to be lacking in enthusiasm just need to gel together to be more productive. Team building activities and days out are crucial to success. Although it might seem a little less conventional often having a management team night out or an activity day can really help a team to come together and work more in sync with one another once they are closer on a personal level.

The financial costs of implementing these three methods should be worthwhile if they help to motivate your management team. A well-motivated and enthusiastic management team means a more proactive workforce who are driven to produce better results which is a great investment for any company’s future.

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