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January 6, 2017  by: Aaron Crowe

Dollar Shave Club Changed How I Look at Shaving

Dollar Shave Club Changed How I Look at Shaving


It has taken me about two years to go through a 24-pack of Gillette razors I bought at Costco for some unbelievably low price. That freedom from having unused razors clutter up my bathroom has finally given me the chance to try a new razor at Dollar Shave Club.

After only two months of use, I’m resold on where I buy my razors and how I shave.

First, I should say that I’m not being paid by Dollar Shave Club to review it, and that my only goal here is to share my shaving joy with the company, DSC for short.

Two years in the making

What got me started on this path was a story I wrote in November 2014 for AOL about razors being sold everywhere online and if they were a better deal than buying them at a store. DSC was the best deal in my price comparison, and it still offers the same prices it did then: four cartridges for $6 or $9, depending on if you wanted four or six blades.

Like many online businesses, DSC and others jumped on the fact that razors were unnecessarily expensive in stores. Monopolies by Gillette and Schick, along with huge advertising budgets, created high prices.

When I wrote that story, I vowed to try an online razor company when my mega supply from Costco ran out. I was interested in the change for a few reasons:

  1. Saving money.
  2. Trying a new razor after using a three-blade Gillette razor almost all of my life.
  3. Not having to go to a store.

A difference in shaving with Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave ClubDollar Shave Club offers two, four or six blades. After a lifetime of shaves with three blades, I upgraded to four.

Called the 4X, it gave me a close shave with a pivot head that was easy to use. But I don’t think the extra blade is what gives me a better shave. What has changed is how often I shave.

It’s almost like some sort of psychological test or algorithm that I can’t put into numbers. But I’ll try explaining it.

A numbers game

I couldn’t grow a beard if I tried, so I’ve never really shaved too often. Usually twice a week is enough. At that rate of shaving, my old razor would last about four weeks, allowing me to take two years to go through the 24-pack at Costco. I used every razor until it was too dull to work well.

With Dollar Shave Club, however, I decided I might as well shave about three times a week and use a new razor every two weeks. Why? Because the razors were so inexpensive and I might as well use them if they’re going to keep arriving every two months.

DSC sends four cartridges per month, but I opted to have the four delivered every other month. That gives me two weeks to use each blade. The net result is that I’m shaving more often than I used to and getting a better and closer shave each time because the blade is newer than what I used to shave with.

It’s a win-win for everyone but Gillette.

The only downside is that by joining Dollar Shave Club, I’m not part of the popular start-up company that it started out to be. Michael Dubin, who got DSC some major promotion with a funny ad in 2012, sold the company to Unilever for $1 billion in cash in July 2016.

That’s a lot of razors.

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