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Need Incentive to Save? Have a Baby

Need Incentive to Save? Have a Baby

If you’re going to have a baby, it’s easy to see that the costs far outweigh the return, at least financially. The annual cost of raising a child is about $13,000, as I’ve written before.

Expenses include housing, child care, education, transportation, food, healthcare and clothing. Then there’s all of your time spent cleaning up after them and shuttling them to school, playdates and activities. And remember that it’s time you’re not paid for.

The emotional rewards when you have a baby, of course, make the costs more than worthwhile.

An emotional incentive to save

But for anyone who wants to have a baby but is unsure they can afford it, consider the savings incentives. I’m not talking about the child tax credit of $1,000, which won’t buy you many diapers or baby clothes. I’m talking about the emotional incentive to save. Continue reading

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Getting Laid Off Changed My Whole Attitude on Work

Getting Laid Off Changed My Whole Attitude on Work

When it comes to work, I’m not lazy. I should clarify that by saying that when it comes to working as a writer or editor, I don’t consider myself lazy. I’m happy working 40 hours a week when I’m doing work I enjoy.

But being laid off in August 2008 as an assistant metro editor at a newspaper in the Bay Area during another round of layoffs changed my outlook on working.

At first I was panicked, as anyone might be, after having steady employment my entire adult life and all of a sudden not having a job at all. I collected unemployment insurance, looked for full-time jobs for months, and took on some freelance work while telling myself that eventually I’d find a full-time job that I loved again. Being laid off wasn’t so bad. Continue reading

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