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Tricks to Cutting Cable TV and Enjoying It

Tricks to Cutting Cable TV  and Enjoying It

Cutting cable TV has become so common that since I first did it in the summer of 2012, it took me more than a year to realize the easiest way to watch TV on the cheap: Reconnect the cable cord.

I was too focused on finding other ways to watch TV — Hulu, Netflix, Redbox, Amazon, Apple, MLB.TV, hooking up an antenna, and visiting friends with TV cable during major live events — that I didn’t think to check if the cord that the cable repair guys left attached to the wall still worked after cutting cable.

It turns out that the cable company workers didn’t go to the curb and turn off the cable connection to my house. They basically unplugged it, removed the equipment except for the cable in case I later decided to return as a customer, and drove off. It was only when I was trying to decide if $20 a month for local broadcast cable from my cable company was worthwhile so we could watch the Oscar telecast live about a year ago when I decided to plug the dusty cable back into the TV and run the channel scan to see if it still worked.

It did, and we’ve been watching free basic cable ever since. Continue reading

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