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June 29, 2016  by: Kayla

How to Own a Car the Cash Smart Way

auto-833792_640If you want to own a car but are a little bit intimidated by the amount of money that goes into car ownership, it’s time to get more acquainted with some of the great ways you can save money on car maintenance. If you approach your car the Cash Smart way, you’ll find that you are spending significantly less on car ownership than people around you.

First of course, you need to do your homework before buying a particular vehicle. You’ll want to avoid buying a lemon, so it can be a good idea to avoid used car dealerships. Despite their claims at having done X-point inspections and having the car’s history, you really have no idea who drove the car previously, how they handled it, or what accidents it has been in. If you are intent on buying a used car, because that really is the Cash Smart way, find one through your personal network where someone you know can assure you that the car was treated well, or at least that was the intention of its previous owner.

When it comes to actually maintaining your car, you’ll want to be sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule. Missing some of these maintenance steps could lead to a much costlier repair job down the line. Instead of putting these off, get proactive and learn about your car’s repair history, what seems to be going bad now, and about repairs that will likely come up in the near future.

By getting educated about your car, you can save money by being prepared. If you know what you might need in the near future, keep a few spare parts on hand. Rather than wait for something to go wrong and have to source an overpriced part through your mechanic, you can show up to the mechanic before anything goes wrong with a replacement piece in hand. Source these pieces for much less at Advance Auto Parts. The best part about Advance Auto Parts, well, it’s hard to choose between so many parts in there, but the best thing about Advance Auto Parts is that the staff is very knowledgeable and will help you select exactly the right item for your car.

Get Cash Smart and get proactive about your vehicle’s health.

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