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August 21, 2017  by: Aaron Crowe

7 Easy Ways for Teens to Make Money

7 Easy Ways for Teens to Make Money

Editor’s note: This post on how to make money as a teen is written by the daughter of the owner of

By Emma Crowe

Growing up, children depend on their parents to feed their bellies, clothe their bodies and give them a roof to sleep under. Although teens require that as well, parents are less likely to provide them with candy, Starbucks drinks, money for the mall, CDs, electronic devices and other unnecessary items.

Parents push their kids to earn their own money to spend on those kind of things. For young teens finding out how you can make money without getting a real job (like working at at fast food restaurants) is difficult. Some want to earn their own money, yet are too young to get real jobs. I’m 13, and am trying to earn my own money.

Here are my top ways for teens to earn their own money:

Make Money by Babysitting

For some teenagers, babysitting is a walk in the park. Playing with kids all day, what could be better? For others, however, it’s annoying and irritating to deal with children’s every demand.

Some requirements for a good babysitter are:

  • CPR certified
  • Likes kids
  • Can cook meals for them
  • Energetic
  • Can handle temper tantrums

Most teen babysitters earn about $7 to $12 per hour, depending on the number of kids.

Advertise your babysitting services using flyers around your neighborhood.

About me: When I babysit, I usually do it when their mother is around, because I am not old enough to babysit them by myself yet.

Mother’s helper

If your child is not quite the age to be babysitting on their own, a mother’s helper is a great alternative. It teaches her or him how to care for a child while also having mom or dad around if anything goes wrong.

Same criteria as a babysitter.

Teens will earn about $3 to $6 an hour.

About me: When I do this, I don’t get paid because I like to do it for free.

Dog walker

This one is usually done every day and you get paid at the end of the week.

I think this is a really good part time business option for teens who have some spare time every day to walk dogs. You could even go to different people’s houses and walk their dogs at the same time. Doing this would double your cash!

Spread the word of your dog walking business with flyers and cards.

This is my first time advertising a dog walking business so I get paid to do it. I can’t wait ‘till people see my flyers and hire me!


This is a website you can go to to earn money. It has you watch videos, play games and take surveys for swagbucks. Each swagbuck is $0.01.

If you save up enough, you can trade them in for a gift card of your choice.

This is a less efficient way to make money, and takes longer. I tried it out, and did not really enjoy it, but you might. 

Music lessons

If you know how to play an instrument, and have one, teaching music lessons might be for you!

Make sure if it is a mouthpiece instrument, have your pupil bring their own. Instruments like the piano or violin you can share. I am teaching myself piano, and one day I may be able to teach others. You could also do singing lessons.

Lemonade stand

This one is an old classic. Easy to make and easy to sell if you’re on a busy street. I never had time to do this when I was younger, but it seemed like a lot of fun. Make sure to make your lemonade from scratch so you can attract more customers.


If you know another language with it’s own set of characters, calligraphy may be your business.

Writing down things such as love, peace,happiness in your language makes people want to buy it. Maybe your customers will think hanging your art on their door will bring them good luck, or maybe they just think it’s really pretty! Japanese, Chinese, Arabic are good languages to choose from.

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