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June 27, 2017  by: Aaron Crowe

5 Tips for Saving Money on Attorney Fees

What is the first thing you need to consider after getting involved in a legal dispute? It is the cost of proceeding and the attorney fees. There is no definite answer to how much one should spend for proceeding because there is no knowing how long the case will continue.

The following tips will try to give you an idea about how to choose the right attorney — one who is committed to deliver you the best value for money.

1. Finding the right attorney

This is the most critical task. At first, you may think that it won’t be difficult as there are plenty of options, but you can’t simply browse through a list and find the one who would suit your preference. Applying the trial and error rule in this context is a mistake, because it will lead to wasting both, your time and money.

As a first step, you should shortlist those who specialise in the area of legal dispute in which you are currently involved. However, opting for trusted law firms like Prime Lawyers that have expertise in more than one areas of law is often your best bet.

2. Flat fee arrangement is the best

Depending on the nature or seriousness of your case, leading attorneys propose different payment structures, namely hourly rates, contingency payment or flat fee mode. If your case is relatively simple in nature, such as disputes over inheritance related problems or divorce, it is better that you opt for flat fee. In this way, you will be paying your attorney a predefined sum and will also add to your convenience while you plan the budget.

3. Your research saves money

Just because you have an attorney now, doesn’t mean you have the world’s peace. Stay on your toe! Keep doing your own research to find as much relevant information as possible to offer your attorney the critical insights. The valuable inputs in your research will not only reduce the pressure on the attorney while he analyzes your case but also will be helpful in saving money, especially if you are paying him/her according to hourly rates.

4. Keep your phone calls consolidated

If you have opted for hourly payment plan, please keep your phone calls and email exchanges with the attorney short, simple and consolidated. Remember, the more time he/she spends in attending your phone calls or in replying back to your emails, the more money you end up paying them.

5. Review the bills

Make sure that you scrutinise the bills carefully before paying your attorney. Always verify billed amounts that come with a generic statement, such as ‘litigation work’ or ‘additional consultation fee.’ It is better that you keep a detailed account of your interaction with the attorney. In this way, it will be easier to compare and contrast the billing details.

Prolonged involvement in legal disputes may cost you a fortune, make no mistake there. With right planning and by selecting the fittest attorney, not only you can hope for the best outcomes but also you can save your hard earned money to a considerable extent.

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One thought on “5 Tips for Saving Money on Attorney Fees

  1. Amy Yannello says:

    Aaron: Uncanny: Was picking up phone to call first atty on my “short list” when your column popped up.

    Thanks, as always, for the solid leads.


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